First impressions. Zambia.

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Ugandans often told me their country was the greenest in all of Africa but since arriving in Lusaka, I must disagree.

It’s rainy season here in Zambia. It’s bright, it’s humid and it’s very green.

The heat is engulfing. It hits your face the moment you exit the plane and wraps around you like the warmest of blankets. Continue reading “First impressions. Zambia.”


A letter on mental health

At war with manic state bipolar

A soul-baring account of an ex-paratrooper’s battle with mental illness

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 Adam Pearce spent his 21st birthday identifying murdered children in a Bosnian trench and tying brown tags to their toes.

The trench measured eight miles long, 16 feet wide and six feet deep. The children were aged six months to six-years-old. Continue reading “A letter on mental health”