I’ve been home from Zambia for four and a half weeks.

Despite preparing myself for the reverse culture shock I knew was coming my way, it hit me hard and the first week was difficult to readjust. I felt like a visitor at home.

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First impressions. Zambia.

Ugandans often told me their country was the greenest in all of Africa but since arriving in Lusaka, I must disagree.

It’s rainy season here in Zambia. It’s bright, it’s humid and it’s very green.

The heat is engulfing. It hits your face the moment you exit the plane and wraps around you like the warmest of blankets.

WM Zambia FI 6


A slight breeze sends my hair spiralling and I attempt to tuck it into the waist of my full length skirt – not quite long enough yet. It’s going to be difficult to keep it under control over the next three months. Continue reading First impressions. Zambia.


She held her belly and she cried. It was a strong sensation that was felt most internally, in the very core of her stomach. It spread through her veins awakening her arms and legs and it continued into her fingertips and her littlest of toes.

He did not know she was crying. To him her pain did not exist but it was not his fault. She felt strongly of this. It was not his fault and there was no one to blame.

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